v1.3 BIG Summer Update!

Mandarin Spark v.1.3 is the BIG summer update that adds loads of new feature and gives the app a brand new theme!

The first thing you’ll notice is the new ‘daytime theme’. The mountain design has remained the same, but the colours have been updated to reflect day time. The sky is now blue and the mountains are green. This gives Mandarin Spark a new vibrant feel.

The previous colour theme is still available, this is now call the ‘twilight theme’, since the red sky and candle-lit temple reflect an evening setting.

Users are able to select either theme from the settings and this option is available to both free users and subscribers.

The app icon will still be based on the twilight theme as this is a distinct icon which is easier to notice on the home screen.

This update also contains a significant overhaul of the app tutorial. The onboarding process has been greatly improved to provide a smoother flow and better introduction to the app’s features. New users will also experience a guided tutorial on their first few flashcards and this will provide a clearer understand how each test works.

Throughout the app there have been minor UI improvements.

  • The headers on the word list screen have been reduced in size to provide more space for scrolling though words. The thick white boards have been removed to create a more compacted feel which places more eye focus on the word list.
  • The card count for each category has also been added to the dashboard.
  • The flashcard button on the dashboard has become ‘smarter’ and now displays the number of overdue cards. This is the number of cards users can expect to be loaded in their next flashcard session (excluding any new words).

Flashcard sessions launched from the dashboard will be based on words from all active categories. Categories can be activated or described on the category manager screen, where a yellow lightening bolt indicates the category is active. The overdue count on the smart button is based on analysing all active categories. Flashcard sessions launched from a word list will only be based on words from that list.

Keeping following the Mandarin Spark Blog the latest information on new and exiting features.

Mandarin Spark v1.3.0 is now available to download from: https://get.MandarinSpark.com

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