Mandarin Spark v1.3.4

Mandarin Spark v1.3.4 is now available for download from the App Store.

This update contains a number of new visual features to help improve your studies with the app. These include the end-of-test report, word status indicators and basic flashcard limits.


The end-of-test report has been completely overhauled with a new design. Each test you take is a great achievement and so the report has been designed to give users a clear indication of the progress and outcome of each study session.

At the end of test test, users are awarded with a gold start for each correctly answered flashcard. The score bar shows overall performance for the study set, and a detailed breakdown by component type is also displayed. The report is presented with beautiful animations designed to keep the study vibes flowing!


Mandarin Spark works by categorising flashcards according to study progress. This refers to the number of times the learning has correctly answered a flashcard test. Flashcards can be categorised as:

  • Red - just started learning (or answered correctly less than twice in a row)
  • Yellow - learning in progress (answered correctly between 3 and 5 times in a row)
  • Green - learned (answered correctly more than 5 times in a row)

The word status indicator has been modified to show progress on a more detailed level. Users can now see how close they are to level up each flashcard and the impact of each correctly answered flashcard.

Starting with new words (i.e. inactive words that have never been tested) - the indicator will show six grey dots. When the flashcard is correctly answered for the first time, the red dot will illuminate. At this point, the flashcard is labelled just started. If the flashcard is answered correctly again (i.e answered correctly consecutively 1x), then the first yellow dot will illuminate. If the flashcard is answered correctly again (i.e answered correctly consecutively 2x), then the second yellow dot will illuminate. At this point, all the yellow dots are illuminated, so the flashcard is labelled in progress.

On the 5x consecutively correct answered, the all the green dot will have become illuminated, so the flashcard is labelled learned.

Flashcard status indicators are displayed on each flashcard when taking a flashcard test. However, in the word list view, the status indicator is shown at the word level. This means the indicator shows the median progress across all three components for each word. For example, let's say for a given word, the character is just started, while the tones and pinyin are in progress. The three status can be written in order as:

just started  |  in progress  |  in progress

The median (middle) status is in progress, so the word is therefore also labelled in progress.


Mandarin Spark is a subscription-based app. Subscribers to Mandarin Spark Pro get access to unlimited flashcard testing, premium word lists and host of additional features that are exclusive for subscribers. Basic (non-subscription) users are limited to 50 flashcards per day, therefore the dashboard now contains a flashcard counter so basic users can see how much of their free daily limit has been used.

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