Mandarin Spark: New Features in June 2019

Mandarin Spark has had a number of new updates over the past two months. Here’s a quick round up of key changes and improvements.

The user guide has been completely rewritten and transferred into a new documentation system. All features and settings are now fully documented (this has been a long overdue update). Individual help sections have been written for each feature and screen, while the comprehensive navigation links make it easier to find the answers you’re looking for. Just tap the user guide icon found on the dashboard to launch the documentation browser (note: an internet connection is required). As always, if you can’t find the answer you're looking for in the user guide, please contact Mandarin Spark Support via the app.

You can now access more detailed information regarding your learning progress. A popup is now available in each word list that shows you the learning status split by components (characters, tones and pinyin).

For example, the below popover indicates this user has done well at learning pinyin (since most are now ‘green’), however is likely finding tones more challenging (since more are red). The last row shows the overall learning process (this is the same metric shown on the dashboard or word list headers). Since it is based on the median score across all three components, it shows the majority of words are colored yellow. This is intuitive given the users stronger character scores and weaker tones scores, which average out. As the user masters more tones (and maintains strong scores in character), the overall rating will progressively migrate to green.

The final improvement to note are the changes to word list construction process. Previously, when you opened a word in the dictionary, you would need to select which word list to add it to. This meant that if you were adding 20 words to a list, you would have reselect that list 20 times. Now, if you open the dictionary directly from a word list, all words you select will automatically be added to that list. This should speed up the process of building word lists.

Mandarin Spark v1.2.8 is now available to download from:

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